Best Record Player Stands

Best record player stands (1)

A good record player stand should look good, work well as a turntable holder, and fit your vinyl records correctly. Finding a record player stand that fits all of these criteria while also complementing the style of your room might be difficult. That is why we have to compile a list of the top record player stands.

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Lumina Turntable Stand by Ameriwood Home

Ameriwood makes a durable and high-quality turntable stand. The Ameriwood Turntable Stand is attractive, with a glass shelf and metal legs for a distinctive appearance. LED lighting adds to the appeal of the stand. It’s the perfect size for keeping your record player, with metal record separators that can hold up to 80 vinyl records.

This stand can be a stylish addition to your living room design. The two racks provide ample storage while keeping a basic and modern style.

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Record Player Stand by LumiWood

A stand with a distinctive appearance and sturdy construction.

LumiWood’s handcrafted stand has a modern vibe to it. The stand elegantly displays record players and vinyl albums wherever it is positioned.

This stand is composed of ash wood, which gives it a distinct appearance. It’s also useful because it can hold a lot of vinyl records. The hairpin legs don’t take up a lot of room, so it’s perfect for tiny apartments. The simple design is further enhanced by the unique placement of the vinyl record rack.

Concord Turntable Stand by Novogratz

This Novogratz turntable is both inexpensive and stylish.

The Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand is robust materials and has a nostalgic appearance. It’s composed of wood, with black metal hairpin legs that add to the retro feel. The stand is perfect for keeping record players and storing and organizing roughly 80+ vinyl records.

Because the outside is composed of wood, it has a higher level of stiffness. In addition to your record player, the top of the stand has adequate room for additional objects. Vinyl records, CDs, and other personal objects can be stored in the drawers.

Overall, this is a fantastic turntable stand for anyone searching for extra storage and a distinctive, retro appearance.

Record Player Stand by BnE Studio

A sturdy and well-made record player stand

This stand features a simple design with a range of finish options to match your home decor and record player. The BnE Studio Record Player Stand is constructed of birch plywood and can hold around 70 vinyl albums.

The best part is that this stand is both strong and functional. Because the shelves are extra-thick, you won’t have to worry about putting a heavy turntable on top of them.

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Stand for a Victrola record player.

An old-school stand that’s simple to put together. The Victrola Wooden Stand with Record Holder gives your living room a warm vibe. Its sleek wood form allows it to blend in with various interior decor types.

The design is vintage, and it can hold up to 50 vinyl records, making it ideal for record storage. In general, this is a sturdy stand. It’s simple to pick up and observe the records you put on it, and it doubles as a stable turntable stand.