How Does Your Lifestyle Influence Your Clothing?


Our lifestyles are individual to each of us, which also means our needs are too. This definitely translates to our clothing choices and how they support what we do in our day-to-day life.

It makes sense. If you are a lover of long walks or hiking, and your idea of a fun weekend is to go camping, your wardrobe is probably not filled to the brim with high-heeled platforms. Just that one pair for special occasions. The same goes for those who are not necessarily fond of the great outdoors but love to host dinner parties or enjoy fine dining, they will most likely not have a top 5 pair of walking boots. 

However, there is a little more than meets the eye about how our lifestyle influences our clothing, and this piece is going to get into it!

Understand a Balance of Your Activities 

You will more than likely have a day job, separate hobbies, and then extra activities, and rare events that happen from time to time- all of which, for many people, will require a different style of outfit. Making sure you have a good balance of outfits will actually help make your life easier when it comes to getting dressed. For example, it makes sense for you to have more outdoor clothes if you work outside. Do not neglect other clothes you need for other activities so you can switch between different activities comfortably. Not to forget different means of expressing yourself too! Sort out your wardrobe and make sure you have an organized selection of outfits for all of your activity needs, and be sure not to forget to invest in some hangers from to keep them all in good shape!

A Form of Expression

Our lifestyles and personal preferences often dictate how we express ourselves, and our clothes are a key form of expression. Those who do not get to express themselves how they would like to through mediums such as clothing and other factors will find that it can actually be detrimental to their mental health. There is a significant emotional link between our mental health and how we dress, which would greatly impact our lifestyle – especially for those who are consistently not dressing as they would like to express themselves or be perceived.

Religious Beliefs 

Living a religious lifestyle can cause certain outfits to be an essential due to their beliefs. Some religions ask their followers to dress conservatively, from the neck down, others require head and hair coverage, and some even require the cover of the whole face. To be a part of a religion that has such strong beliefs about personal attire will affect someone’s lifestyle and how they dress, especially when they are out and about in public. While this is not the same for everyone, even those who are part of the same religion, it is a common factor in why people choose to dress a certain way and can influence those who are not religious too.

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