Signs That Your Boiler Is Having Problems


Your boiler is an essential part of your home heating system. When it breaks, you can be left with no heating or hot water, which can be a big issue, especially if it breaks in the winter. Although you’ll be able to get a boiler repaired quickly, it’s far better to prevent the problems before they happen than to pay to fix them.

To help prevent your boiler from being out of action, here are a few signs you should be aware of that suggest that your boiler is having problems.

Your House is Getting Colder 

The biggest sign that your boiler is not working as well as it used to is a colder home. If you’ve not changed the temperature of your home heating system, yet your house feels a bit crisper or colder, it can be a sign that things are not right.

This issue may not point to a fault in your boiler in all cases, as air pockets in your radiators can also cause a colder and less effective heating system. Nonetheless, if your house is getting colder and requires more energy to keep it at a comfortable temperature, there may be issues with your boiler.

The Hot Water is Lukewarm

Another significant indication that your boiler isn’t working well is if your hot water tap only produces mild, lukewarm water.

This issue can be caused by multiple problems within your boiler, including incorrect water levels, mineral deposits in your system, and even a faulty thermostat.

If you’re unsure what the specific issue is, you can get a heating expert like to run diagnostics of your boiler and heating system and make pre-emptive fixes to prevent the system from complete failure.  

It’s Noisier Than It Should Be

If your boiler is rumbling a lot louder than it has been in the past, it may be a sign that it’s working a lot harder to heat your water. If it sounds like a teakettle, which professionals call ‘kettling’, then it’s a clear sign that something is wrong.

Many things can cause struggling and noisy systems, such as age, sludge clogging the system, or mineral deposits that are causing blockages.

Other noises you may hear include banging and knocking in your pipes and radiators, which can be caused by trapped air, loose pipes, or ageing components that need to be replaced. If you have a loud boiler, it will likely need replacing or at the very least some work done to it.


When your boiler fails, it can be a massive problem for your home. Look out for these signs so that you can quickly get your boiler the help it needs and ensure that it can perform well for years to come. A faulty boiler can result in a worse performance, which can leave your home feeling colder and make heating your house and water a lot more expensive as a result. Do what’s right and maintain your boiler each year so that it’s always working at its best.