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50 million is the annual number of tourists who visit New York City. So it only made sense that the Big Apple’s hotel scene was so rich in color, style and choice and especially their interior because it’s designed by Good Interior Designer NYC. Between cheap bouiboui, charming boutique hotels, exceptional palaces and historic hotels, the visitor is spoiled for choice and has plenty to really enjoy. Here are some of them, which denote the New York hotel landscape. You can also try them when you are moving from New York to Miami.

The Standard, High Line – Meatpacking District

The atmosphere at Standard

A colossus of glass and large bay windows, mounted on 17-meter piles, no doubt, you are well ahead of The Standard. Inspired by the style of the famous French architect Le Corbusier, this fairly recent hotel is nevertheless already inscribed in the roots of the Meatpacking District, perhaps because all the trendy NYC fauna come to sip cocktails on its beautiful terrace, perhaps also because it looks like a glass box, all transparent…

Standard amenities

With 338 rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, the view is beautiful when you are a guest, but it is also beautiful when you are passing by. Moreover, the hotel reminds its customers in a warning in each room that the hotel is made of glass. For those who like endless games of hide and seek, a winding interior staircase and a maze of corridors serve the building.

The Peninsula – On 5th Avenue in Midtown

The atmosphere at the Peninsula

This is the other luxury hotel (along with the Pierre) on 5th Avenue. The building of The Peninsula is imposing with its 2 columns. The entrance hall also has its effect, entirely made of marble.

Peninsula Amenities

Everything is there and everything will please you. Chic spa, indoor swimming pool, hair salon, and its rooftop Salon de Ning, from which your eyes can get lost in the beautiful New York skyline. Do not miss to taste the gastronomic cuisine of Clement, the hotel restaurant.

The Waldorf Astoria – On Park Avenue

The atmosphere at the Waldorf Astoria

Historic and avant-garde, such is the Waldorf Astoria, which sits majestically on Park Avenue. In a resolutely Art-deco style, almost austere from the outside, the Waldorf Astoria still displays gilding that illuminates its interior. Each room is tastefully decorated and can be booked from $215 a night, but the most beautiful are unquestionably in the towers, where the night can reach $4,500, in the penthouse suite. Sofia Loren, former US President Hoover, Frank Sinatra and Liz Tailor were regulars, and some suites are named after their historic residents.

Waldorf Astoria Amenities

Here, there is no need to worry about comfort and service, because it is in this majestic hotel that the concept of Room Service 24/24 was introduced. And if you arrive a little tense, go straight to the Spa Guerlain of the hotel.

The little history of the Waldorf Astoria

When it opened in 1931, it was considered the tallest and largest hotel in the world. But that’s not all, the hotel is particularly known for its chef Tschirky, inventor of the famous Waldorf salad, made of apples, walnuts, celery and mayonnaise.

W Times Square – Times Square

The atmosphere at the W Hotel

 The W overlooks Times Square, so ideal if you want to be close to New York bustle, Broadway and the party scene. Moreover, the decor is contemporary, vibrant and colorful, as if to announce the animation from the outside.

W Hotel amenities

The rooms are spacious with large windows and with views of the lights of Times Square. Icing on the cake, the beds are very soft. Most of the suites have a private terrace. The lobby bar offers quirky cocktails and the spa has a full service. And if you are a workhorse, the hotel provides you with an 800 m2 meeting space.