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One of the most exciting things when we have a new house or when we are going to redecorate our own house is definitely the interior decoration. But, in order not to make mistakes, it is necessary to follow some previous advice from decoration experts, in order to make our home a truly special place.

Before going straight to buy everything we see in magazines, on the internet or anywhere else, the first thing we should do is review our own tastes, the spaces we have available and of course, the budget we have to do the shopping purchase of the respective elements with which we will decorate our home, in this case, the furniture.

Below I will tell you some keys to follow if you want to achieve a result of ten, which really makes you, feel full and satisfied with the decisions you have made to achieve an ideal home for you and your family.

1. Measure the spaces before buying furniture

This should be the main rule for all interior decorators. Measure very well the spaces inside the house, to be able to know which is the furniture that fit well in a certain space, taking into account its dimensions. It is important to have a meter in hand to start measuring all the spaces in the house. Once you have the corresponding measurements in your hands, write them down so you don’t forget a single one.

Already in the Orlando furniture shop, at the time of buying the furniture that you liked the most for your home, begin to count all the measures that you had previously taken and compare them with the measures that the furniture that you liked has to fill these spaces at home.

It is important that you leave a few centimeters enough so that you can play when you are already at home with your furniture. Try at all times that the furniture is not embedded in the spaces of your house, but on the contrary, the place feels quite spacious despite the presence of the furniture.

When your furniture is just in the spaces of your house, you achieve a stacking effect and that makes your house look much smaller. This particularity is really important to take into account, especially in the case of small houses. If you live in really small spaces, then you should pay special attention to the space that your furniture occupies in your house.

2. Draw a possible plan of the decoration

Following the logic of space, another thing that will help you a lot when choosing the ideal sofa and the rest of the furniture for your home is definitely a hypothetical drawing of how your house would look with certain pieces of furniture. You don’t have to be a draftsman or a perfect expert in interior decoration, architect or mathematician, but if you bring a graph paper with you, it will be much easier to recreate these spaces.

Once you make your hypothetical drawing of how the decoration should look inside the house, then you are more than ready to start buying the furniture you need to make your plan a reality. These types of plans can be done before even seeing the furniture you want to buy. It will help you get an idea of ​​the size they will have and the space they will occupy inside the house.

It is important that, once you have your improvised plan in hand, you do not let yourself be expressly guided by what you drew on that plan. Remember to always leave a few centimeters of save, things can change a lot from an unexpert drawing, to reality. Things may not look as you had thought, once you present the furniture in your house.

3. Think about the quality of the furniture

This is another important point. If you have children at home, for example, it is best that you decide on furniture that is of excellent quality, has excellent upholstery and is made with the highest quality materials. Remember to think of your furniture as an investment. If you buy too cheap furniture that ends up being of poor quality, you will have to change furniture soon, but if you choose some that are of excellent quality, they will surely last you a lifetime.

Returning to the subject of children, if you have small children at home, it is not advisable to buy too delicate furniture, you do not want a fine piece of furniture to scratch, scratch and break. A good quality piece of furniture but at the same time more rustic than fine, can help you alleviate the situation with small children, making the home furniture last longer and survive the childhood of these little ones.

4. Is it comfortable? Carry it!

Before taking a piece of furniture that you have found beautiful, check that it is really comfortable and above all, that it will be of great use to you inside the house. If not, it’s definitely not a good idea to take it with you. A piece of furniture that is comfortable is the ideal to be in your home. The perfect piece of furniture is the one with which you feel fully identified.

A comfortable interior piece of furniture makes a house a much more pleasant place. And let’s be honest, if you are going to place a piece of furniture at home just because it is beautiful, without thinking if it is really necessary, or if it will be comfortable; why do you want it in your house? Simplifying spaces with furniture that is more comfortable and functional than beautiful is what is fashionable and what is right.

5. Choose furniture based on others

This point has a lot to do with space, the measures you can take with respect to spaces and these things that we had previously talked about. The fact is that this specific strategy consists of planning the model of an entire room, with respect to the most important element within this room.

An example may be the kitchen. If you want to have a large kitchen, in which you place an island and place the kitchen on top of that island, you should mainly take into account the island to develop the distribution of the rest of the space. Another good example that can help you is the atmosphere of the room.

When you want a comfortable and spacious room in which all the furniture is not cluttered, the first thing you have to do is take into account the bed to start decorating the rest of the space, and to put in position all the other furniture that will make your room look harmonious.

6. Do not decorate in an impersonal way

Finally, to finish with this compendium of keys to choose your interior furniture very well, you should know that it is important to have a special touch, not to decorate expressly as a magazine or an internet page tells you. The beauty of interior design is that you can place your own so that the environments look more personal, with a very personal touch, in this way you will feel at home, and not at someone else’s.

Logically, to be successful in this personal decoration, you have to put all your logic and common sense into play, otherwise any type of decoration that you put into practice will not work at all. And most importantly, have fun decorating and enjoy the beautiful moment of furnishing and redecorating your personal space.

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